Sunny Queen Farms offers a wide range of fresh eggs including Fresh Farm, Natural Grain, Cage Free, RSPCA Approved Barn Laid, Free Range and Organic Free Range. Look for the packs with a happy smile!
Cage Free eggs are an affordable alternative to existing non-cage options and are laid by hens that are free to roam inside large open sided barns.

Free Range Egg Farmers eggs are laid by healthy hens on Accredited Free Range farms.

Simply Eggs fresh farm eggs are just that - quality, fresh farm eggs laid by health hens on 100% Australian owned farms.
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With a great range of innovative products including Omelettes, Scrambled Egg Mix and more, Sunny Queen Fresh can provide you with the finest quality egg based meal options, that are both quick and easy to prepare.

At Meggles Farm, we've been supplying locals with the finest quality fresh farm eggs for over 50 years. Delivered fresh from our farm to your local store.

Organic Egg Farmers eggs are laid by healthy Organic Free Range hens on ACO certified Organic farms.
Just like in 1959, McLean's Run eggs are laid by healthy Free Range hens on spacious Accredited farms - just as nature intended.

Sunny Queen Australia is an Australian farmer owned company specialising in bringing you the highest quality fresh farm eggs and egg products from across the country. We have farms located throughout Queensland, NSW and Victoria and are committed to providing our customers with products that are fresh, safe, wholesome and quality guaranteed.


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